Wishing everyone peace, love, joy and happiness during this festive time ❤  Let us remember to be kind to those who have less than us. Let us give love and help to those in need.



I left a piece of my heart in the forest

Every experience in nature is different, for me of course. Its like each place I visit is magical in their own way, providing a different experience to any visitor.

I had the amazing opportunity of visiting, possibly my favourite little town Hogsback. Hogsback is a beautiful little town situated in the heart of the Eastern Cape mountains, in the country of South Africa. Besides the rich and interesting history, this little towns digs deep into your heart, forcing you to be silent and to allow it to take you away.

The lookout point – Hogsback

Upon arrival at my accommodation I was welcomed by light drops of rain, stormy clouds and a cool breeze, oh! and surprisingly a monkey haha. I can not get enough of this look, how beautiful is it?

This magical place is situated less than two hours away from my home town which means I would save up and go every chance I can! and it is perfect for any type of traveler, of any age too or interest. You have a variety of accommodation options to choose from and a list of restaurants that offer the most tastiest food and drinks.

I honestly cant wait to see these mountains again. I cant wait to feel that peace flow through my heart again.

See you soon Hogsback


The journey to inner peace

We often say that we want peace, we long for it, we want it part of our lives but how far are you willing to go? We need to understand that peace requires some forms of change, perhaps in lifestyle, definitely mindset and attitude.

Peace is a journey that requires a great amount of effort and it requires strength too. You do not have to change completely but I advise you to make an effort to work on the little things that you personally know take away your peace. The journey to peace has no destination because life will always take you to different levels that will challenge you, that is where peace comes in; your mindset is key.

You can not live a certain lifestyle and expect perfect peace. You can not treat people bad and expect peace. You can not entertain jealousy or immaturity and expect peace. Once you begin this journey you may lose people but you need to realize that you are well on your way to finding yourself and honestly that should be more important.

Do you understand what peace actually is? Because I honestly don’t but I ask for advice from my parents or older family members and I do my own research (reading articles and blogs online) as a guide. Before you take the step of finding peace, understand what it will take of you, find different ways (activities or sports) that will help you and ASK for help along the way.

I hope you find peace, and I hope you carry it with you always, no matter what you are faced with.

Sincerely, also trying to find peace ❤️🌸

Beautiful Kroonstad – take a walk with me

A beautiful little Victorian/ Dutch down located in the province of the Free State in South Africa. I was in awe with my first visit to the little town. There was literally hardly anything to see! But what took my breath away was how beautiful the town and people were.

It was like experiencing the early 90’s, hardly anyone to see and if there were people they kept to themselves respectfully. I appreciate art and the town is exactly that, art :). Absolutely simple but beautiful architecture, most of the older buildings still well looked after making you feel like you in another world. During the time of exploring we came across this beautiful bridge and this was the view, beautiful PEACE. It was an old bridge tucked away in the bush that was left me speechless., I mean look at that beauty ↓


The next place that I thought was really beautiful was a dam, massive, located just outside of town. I could not stay as long as I would have liked to because it was late afternoon and I was not sure how safe the area was.



Trust me when I say the photographs do not do justice. The experience was absolutely soul filling! Being a lover of the Tourism industry, I came across the information center in town. I can not describe how beautiful this information center was but unfortunately it was already closed (sad). The center looked like an old church, still as beautiful as ever, on the corner of the main street. ( photograph is below)


I stayed at a stunning guest house by the name of Tuscana Guest house ( I would definitely recommend this place). The accommodation was also located on a corner in a safe and secured suburb. It felt as though I was hidden away in a garden decorated with beautiful flowers and trees of all sizes and even some chickens and birds too haha, my room was upstairs and this allowed me the opportunity to have the best possible view of the guest house and the  quiet suburb. I am a very creative individual, so if I am not reading or colouring in, I am busy with my journal. My room allowed me the peaceful space of doing all three of my favorite things 🙂 oh and let us not forget the coffee! haha


At some point in our busy schedule, we should really plan and save up so that we can have these little experiences. These are the memories that keep us going. Its not just travel anymore; its a moment of peace that allows you to think of everything deeply or of nothing at all, you experience, you learn and your mind grows. Make it a point to travel, you can start nearby, there are affordable accommodation options. Make it happen.

Till we meet again little town ♥




It was never ME.

WHO am I really? ♥

I can clearly remember my teenage years in High School, oh what a time to be alive. My time in high school was meant to be filled with fun, great memories and academic growth. It was a time that you could finally meet new people and make new friends in the classroom environment or during extra mural activities. Sounds great hey? unfortunately it was not all that great, for me specifically. You see when I think of those four years of my life I always have one thought: DISAPPOINTMENT.

I was a fairly quiet girl, who kept to herself in most cases. I still remember how I would pull my school socks up right up to my knees because I had scars on my legs and I felt so “ashamed”. I used to be a tom boy, very playful so I collected a fair share of scares during my younger years. Because of sports I knew many people, different types of people. I often think of myself as very misunderstood, let me tell you why.

I had “friends”, boys and girls that I thought were meant to be in my life. Most of these friends spoke of me in such a hurtful way that I still carry some of that pain 5 years later. Some of them were not even aware that I knew, but why didn’t I choose to walk away?


Acceptance: I felt like I NEEDED to be accepted by these people. I wanted to fit in, because it seemed so cool. I hid in the shadows of most of my “friends” without them even realizing it. I cried in silence, I doubted myself in silence, I begun to hurt myself emotionally in silence, I was so ALONE in this silence. And still in my later years these emotions still haunt my fragile soul. 

I clearly remember acting act out. Searching for attention, acceptance or anything from anyone so I could just feel like I belong somewhere. Going through my different phases was so difficult because I had friends who would discuss me, judge me and laugh at me instead of guiding me or correcting me when they saw I was going off path. I acted different, dressed different, spoke different, started thinking different and eventually drifted further away from who I was MEANT to be. It was a scary road to be on, to trust people the way I did just so that I could feel a sense of belonging. My body lost its “beauty” because I allowed it to be seen as something that was meant for everyone. One thing that I am truly grateful for is that no matter how I tried to fit in, I never ever allowed myself to be intimate with a man or different men. By Gods grace I still had that respect for myself.


As previously explained, this experience still haunts me, and it still brings me a great deal of sadness and sometimes even tears, I feel like I let myself down in so many ways, I feel like I had the power all along to walk away from what was hurting me but this too is a lesson. Probably the greatest life lesson I have learnt this far.

Now? I am still trying to pick up the pieces, I am still trying to learn how to trust and love again, I am learning to believe in myself a little more everyday, I do not doubt myself the way I used to. I do not entertain what I used to. I do not settle for less, I have raised my standards and I can finally start to love me with all my baggage, with all my scars and regrets. I think I am beautiful, I think my heart and soul is just as beautiful and I know that I am worthy of  experiencing great things!

With love – Robyne